Yes, We Can: The People's Inaugural Speech Project
Lifebushido is always on the lookout for ways to encourage people to reach their potential and through its Best Agent Business division to offer them the services of virtual assistants so they can concentrate on what they do best and delegate some other duties to staff. With the January 20, 2009 inauguration of Barrack Obama as our 44th President, Steve Kantor also saw that capturing the moment would be a great way to show how Best Agent Business could effectively package and market materials for clients.

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Why the Campaign Offers a Great Tie In with Lifebushido and Best Agent Business

As it happens there are some great lessons on the campaign that are in line with Lifebushido philosophy. Barrack Obama, the man inaugurated on January 20th, 2009 as our 44th president, jumpstarted his campaign with contributions from small donors, built an effective database that was used not only for fundraising but by volunteers at all levels of the campaign to garner support, and overcame barriers of race, class, party, and experience to win the presidential election of 2008.