Yes, We Can: The People's Inaugural Speech Project

How did Lifebushido accomplish this book in such a
short time?

The Work Plan for Preparing the Book

1. The speech project was initiated by Slate Magazine. See &, Go to Jump In, Click on SLATE’S PEOPLES INAUGURAL ADDRESS to see the original project on Slate Magazine. The MechanicalTurk invitation appears at The project has been mentioned to clients and we are already receiving some positive feedback as well as some speeches. High school newspaper editors were asked to contribute. Ishidos were invited to participate.

2. At the time the entries were captured, there were 123 entries although there are nearly 700 now. An Ishido copied and pasted the majority of these entries into a word doc with a page break in between.

3.An editor reviewed the material and deleted inappropriate speeches, speeches over 3 pages and speeches between 2-3 pages unless they are awesome.

4.We are not doing any editing or changing or content, except for a quick spell check. There will be a disclaimer entered about this fact.

5.A preface was written that credited MixedLink and Slate and the individual who wrote the speeches who will also include Slate and Mturk contributors, High School newspaper editors from the top 50-100 newspapers across the country, Best Agent Business contacts and clients, and Ishidos. The preface includes information about Lifebushido and YRUHRN and what we do.

6.Lifebusido's graphics team has designed a complete ready-for-print cover.

7.The back cover includes a quick summary of where the content has been gathered from and that the book was published in 10 days.

8.A press release has been drafted.

9.The final book will be posted on 9 ( as a free download. The book will also be offered in hardcopy for $14.95 plus shipping.

10.This entire project will be completed in 10-20 hours.